Saturday, March 7, 2009


Ola' Master,

Being kind is a reward by itself. being kind is not to hope for anything in returns. Helping without hoping anything back is not easy. But once you did it you will want to do more. So let us start practicing to be kind. Do not tell people of what kindness you have done. There is a saying that said "sedekah ngan tangan kanan, tangan kiri pun tak tahu"....kind of sounded that way. I'm not very good in remembering every words but that is how it almost sound.

Hmm from now on I will try to be kind. being kind will make me feel human. This is one of the things that differentiate between us human and animal. Master, friends, let us start this campaign together. I read in reader's digest that kind people are healthier. I do not know how they measure it but I do believe it myself.


Fadhlah said...

asalam...nnt follow blog aku gak yer...

Silverleaf said...

salam....yes I will.

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