Tuesday, March 11, 2014

#mh370 what can I do to help?

It is a devastating tragedy. I do not know how to give my condolence to the family members of those passengers. write on my wall of Facebook would not do anything nor does writing it in my blog now. I am not trying to take granted of the incident I am just writing this to relief myself from the questions in my head. so many questions without no answers. Watch the news all day but still nothing can satisfied me. I do hope those who has family member on the plane stay strong. I have this irks when I see and read things they write in Facebook. I feel like people is taking advantage of the tragic incident and write not because they care. To be positive, I tried to chase away all this negative feelings. Who am I to judge them. maybe they do have good attention and I'm looking it in a bad way. I should stop writing now before I blabbered too much and put negative aura to other who may read this post. I am nobody to judge people... only God have the right to do so... good bye for now. 

p/s feel awkward writing after a very long time of silence... 
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