Monday, March 31, 2008

welcome Mr. Rynof....!!!

Welcome to our new author....I kno dat dis ur favrte animal so i just put it for fun...I cant wait 4 ur stuff to be display here..I know u hav ur creative side...lets show them to our reader (if we actually hav reader..)...anyway, thank u 4 acceptng d invitation...

The Resting Town...

I just wanna show all of u dat my town has dis beautiful bridge..The Royal Town of kuala Kangsar is a peaceful town..

Sunday, March 30, 2008

One Sunday evening...

Sunday.5:55pm...m sitting at my desk after a long wait of one of the writer to finish up his post.I was tired actually.I got class this morning and all I can think of was sleeping.Seeing him so eager composing his post made me waited for him. Like I expected, he is creative..just like d way he convey the stories of his post..but anyway m still bored waiting doing nothing so i made myself busy in the room acting like rockstar hahahaha not that I am one..cant play a single instrument huhuhu...

What teachers make..

I took dis from Jeri's buletin...hmm just wanna share it wit u...

The​ din​ner​ gue​sts​ wer​e sit​tin​g
aro​und​ the​ tab​le dis​cus​sin​g lif​e.

One​ man​, a CEO​, dec​ide​d to exp​lai​n the​ pro​ble​m wit​h edu​cat​ion​.

He arg​ued​, "Wh​at'​s a kid​ goi​ng to lea​rn fro​m som​eon​e who​ dec​ide​d his​ bes​t opt​ion​ in lif​e was​ to become​ a tea​che​r?"​

He rem​ind​ed the​ oth​er din​ner​ gue​sts​ wha​t the​y say​ abo​ut tea​che​rs:
​ "Th​ose​ who​ can​, do.​ Tho​se who​ can​'t,​ tea​ch.​"

To str​ess​ his​ poi​nt he sai​d to ano​the​r gue​st;​
"Yo​u'r​e a tea​che​r, Bon​nie​. Be hon​est​.

Wha​t do you​ mak​e?"​

Bon ​nie​, who​ had​ a rep​uta​tio​n for hon​est​y and​ fra​nkn​ess​ rep​lie​d,
"Yo​u wan​t to kno​w wha​t I mak​e? (Sh​e pau​sed​ for​ a sec​ond​, the​n beg​an.​..)​

"We​ll,​ I mak​e kid​s wor​k har​der​ tha​n the​y eve​r tho​ugh​t the​y cou​ld.​

I mak​e a C+ fee​l lik​e the​ Con​gre​ssi​ona​l Med​al of Hon​or.​

I mak​e kid​s sit​ thr​oug​h 40 min​ute​s of cla​ss tim​e whe​n the​ir par​ent​s can​'t mak​e the​m sit​ for​ 5 wit​hou​t an I Pod​, Gam​e Cub​e or mov​ie ren​tal​.

You​ wan​t to kno​w wha​t I mak​e?"​ (She pau​sed​ aga​in and​ loo​ked​ at eac​h and​ eve​ry per​son​ at the​ tab​le.​)

''I​ mak​e kid​s won​der​.

I mak​e the​m que​sti​on.​

I mak​e the​m apo​log​ize​ and​ mea​n it.​

I mak​e the​m hav​e res​pec​t and​ tak​e res​pon​sib​ili​ty for​ the​ir act​ion​s.

I tea​ch the​m to wri​te and​ the​n I mak​e the​m wri​te.​ Key​boa​rdi​ng isn​'t eve​ryt​hin​g.

I mak​e the​m rea​d, rea​d, rea​d.

I mak​e the​m sho​w all​ the​ir wor​k in mat​h. The​y use​ the​ir God​ giv​en brain,​ not​ the​ man​-ma​de cal​cul​ato​r.

I mak​e my stu​den​ts fro​m oth​er cou​ntr​ies​ lea​rn eve​ryt​hin​g the​y nee​d to kno​w in Eng​lis​h whi​le pre​ser​vin​g the​ir uni​que​ cul​tur​al ide​ntity.​

I mak​e my cla​ssr​oom​ a pla​ce whe​reall​ my stu​den​ts fee​l saf​e.

I mak​e my stu​den​ts sta​nd,​ pla​cin​g the​ir han​d ove​r the​ir hea​rt to say​ the​ Ple​dge​ of All​egi​anc​e to the​ Fla​g, One​ Nat​ion​ Und​er God​.

Fin​all​y, I mak​e the​m und​ers​tan​d tha​t if the​y use​ the​ gif​ts the​y wer​e giv​en,​ wor​k har​d, and​ fol​low
​ the​ir hea​rts​, the​y can​ suc​cee​d in lif​e."

(Bo​nni​e pau​sed​ one​ las​t tim​e and​ the​n con​tin​ued​.)

"Th ​en,​ whe​n peo​ple​ try​ to jud​ge me by wha​t I mak​e, wit​h me kno​win​g mon​ey isn​'t eve​ryt​hin​g, I can​ hol​d my hea​d up hig​h and​ pay​ no att​ention​ bec​aus​e the​y are​ ign​ora​nt.​.. You​ wan​t to kno​w wha​t I mak​e?

I MAK​E A DIF​FER​ENC​E . Wha​t do you​ mak​e Mr.​CEO​?"

His​ jaw​ dro​ppe​d, he wen​t sil​ent​.


Even all your personal teachers like
mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters,
grandparents, etc

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome New writer ..!!! Pedas n Awey...

Arigato khuzaimas...!! thank u for being my new writer at dis new develop blog...let us make dis blog readable hehhehe...hei Arn sori i dnt hav ur pic to put here...mayB u like to giv n intro of urself....welcome to awey too....just write s freely s u wish...dnt worry...there is no "Lembaga Penapisan" here....

p/s I cant wait 2 c ur stuff...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Saje nak buh gak gambo ni...

hak was on Sunday n nobody kno wat to money no car...just hang out at megatech...n its in d afternoon...d heat boiled our brain stupid...wat a heck of a day when all of us when to The Store for entertainment...dats d dumbest idea n nobody rejected it... we even when to old hag watch shop n we went to bata n all...hahahah never tot a day like dis wud come..its like school boys havin freedom d first time...anyway, to me anywhere wud b just fine s long i got my frens wit me...send us to d forest of solitude n it bcome a circus... I just luv my frens...

sume jd mcm gle ari ni hhahaa...

hahaha mase ni sume mcm org gile...kitoi,an, zuda suke sgt lagu ni...aku ngan mamat ikut aje....lawok beno awok nari mase ni....

Inuyasha... Love, Hate N smtg in between.....

This is among d best anime i ever watched, so much conflict, tragedy dat well render in plots...the characters superb, hmmm all bacause of love n jealousy...fulls of demons fighting to get the jewel of four souls....Kagome d main character is d incarnation of lady Kikyo who proctected the jewel unil d end of her life....u must watch dis...

Welcome Mr.Morque!!!

hola new author...hoho at last u got it right..hahahaha never tot dat it gonna take such a long time..hmm dis man is a very creative man..m xcited dat at last he decided to join me..m looking 4ward to his d way...dis is a picture by d river front at kuale kangsar...hei dont look down on it...we catched pretty awesome fish here too..

i luv dis phone....

Uhhh i just luv dis phone...eventhough it is not d latest series but just luv d looks, d function n d sense of style in it.....feels like everytg in it...oh yeah d video is like dvd quality..hmmm but only for 45mins...think need bigger card but donno how big can it support...

My day...

Hmmm all bcoz d 'water horse' i woke up at 7 dis morning...m so late dat i dnt even hav d chance for proper breakfast at home so i just bought on d way to school..these was d only thing i can grab...m very used to big breakfast so dis wont do me any gud till recess time....

oh today morning i taught P.E. for year 3 n 4...m wearing my new jogging shoes...hoho bought them last night..determine to loose weight..not so much mayB just 3kg or so...but hmm m pretty lazy..

hmmm to think bout it made me control my appetite...had capatis only...n warm water hahhaha can't blieve dat...ohhh dat remnd me dat i owe dat makcik Rm to pay her tmrw...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

10 000 BC

I dnt really like dis movie but i kno its not dat bad...just dat its not wat i wanted to c...Hooo but syihan like it...hehehe dis kind of savage movie memang le dier suke dah dier kan suke berangan jd menatang...memule badok pastu yg seswai sebenonye siput hahahahaha....

Water Horse

This Movie I watched wit Aus, Codek, syihan, Zarip, Alan n Mamat hahha melampo mamat msti berbulu bace sbb dier asyik xdpt tgk je movie baru...xleh nak bajet mat movie doh...ok to me ths story is's simple but amazing..hmmm but i dn't recomend 4 those not in d kind of family conflict n children story...nanti deme rase boring pade awok cite ni ok doh...


WOOOOO best rrr cite ni...hmmm stakat 3 bintg le pade aku suke sbb dier wat kite leh berangan same..hoho aku memg suke berangan jd cite ni sesuai le nhan aku..hmmm I went with an n aus at dis time...An nak tgk cite KL Drift mase ni sebenonye...but in dis democracy country, majoroty wins hahahaha...bukan aku xsuke tgk cite melayu hehhe tp rase mcm nanti raye ade jgk kuor kat tv hahahaha alasn je neh hehe...


This is a picture taken from a roof top of a hotel..the oriental hotel kalo xsilap...mase ni ade kursus buat kertas soalan...hek elleh aku je yg mude mase tuh... room mate aku pun org tua yg skema..slalunye kalo kursus2 camni tua pun pale yg n tolong le boringnye...nasib baik ade kawan aku ngajo kat sini...aku kuor ngan dier je le...haa kat bawah tu ade club...slippery senorita...terkejut aku bile masuk jumpe org kuale...jobeng keje kat situ jd bar tender..dn't get me wrong, i dn't drink...just wasting time sbb boring sangat mase tu...saje kenang2 mase blajo kat penang ni dlu..tolg le lior nye dulu...hmm if d guys c me now here in kuale so tame like dis i think they'll b sprise....

kat kopitiam

last wednesday I went for a course at Bukit Merah... I went wit a fren from d same school..we had our breakfast at dis club house..wat a surprise dat a meal cost 10bucks..hehehe but lucky it was his treats..ohh but this pic is not taken there..dis is at my own hometown at kat kopitiam...welll i didn't planned to eat there it was because of d rain...i was at &e to buy Mol Poits for a frens...i donno wat it is .sme sort of like points to play games rained just right after m walking out d 7e i waited at dis kopitiam awhile...was famished coz i havnt eaten b4 i went out..was rushing to d kwsp office to do my eh wat m i writing..hoho no talent 4 writing...but i'll try n try...i like to write but it's just dat m not good at it...ahahhahah melalut...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

ethic in education

Teaching is not simply a set of technical skills for imparting knowledge to waiting students. It involves caring for children and being responsible for their future development. In other words, teachers need to think not just about the ‘ways’ by which they teach but the ‘ends’ they are teaching for. This places a heavy burden on their shoulders as educators and facilitators of their students.

Mostly however, the idea of moral responsibilities for teachers is often not raised in most educational programs. Nor it is discussed when one enters the teaching field. They tend to focus on professional field – developing students’ knowledge and understanding of subject matter, equipping students with high-level skills to succeed in examinations, designing curricula and challenging students to meet the high standards in learning.

Focusing attention solely on these technical aspects of teaching may ignores the moral principal of what truly is being a teacher. For example, a teacher may be a highly-skilled or a specialist in certain area of teaching but lacked in values and morality. One value is not as good as any other value in schools. People in society expect schools to be guided by moral principles such as justice, fairness of treatment, liberty, honesty, equity and respect. As educators, one must make instant decisions over many issues in the classroom. These decisions will have implications on the students. The questions here are; how do teachers cope with the amounting pressure of seeing their students do well in the examination? How do teachers deal with the high expectations of the administrators? What impact can teachers bring to students who are not doing well in their studies? Do teachers feel satisfied if they think by a ‘little cheating’ will bring success to their students? What effect and consequences will they have in satisfying the administrators by hiding in disguise? What is the real dilemma faced by teachers themselves?

Each of these questions is first and foremost an ethical question. Since most teachers answer not in words but rather in educational practices that involves teaching methods and school designs. There is no guidebook or listing that can automatically sort these problems, nor can there be role models that to be followed. It is only through study, reflection and enquiry into the moral nature and consequences that educators can come to understand the impact of their decisions.

Education in Malaysia.. what do u think?

Malaysia’s education system initially was adopted from the British as they occupied Malaysia during the Second World War for a time. Over the years, the system has been changed for the better. Now there are actually plans on abolishing 2 examination phases which are Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) in Year Six and the Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) in Form Three.

Basically the Malaysian public school system works like this. A child at the age of 7 is required to enter Primary School which is known as elementary schools in western countries where students start off as Standard 1 that similar to the grading system of western countries.

Primary schools consist of Standards 1 to 6 whereby Standard 6 students would be 12 years old. Standard 6 students are required to take a final examination at the end of their term which is called the UPSR which acts like a grading system which determines their qualification upon entering Secondary Schools .UPSR was introduced on 1988.

Secondary School starts from Form 1 at the age of 13, to Form 5 at the age of 17. Form 3 students are required to take the PMR exam which is like a midway exam to determine which stream they would qualify to enter during Form 4 to Form 5. The streams are Science and Art, with many variants of subjects within those two streams. The government has stated that they aim for a ratio of 60 Science to 40 Arts students. PMR was introduced on 1993.

The subjects in PMR exam include Malay Language ,English ,Mathematics ,Science, Geography ,History ,Living Skills ,Islamic Studies (compulsory for Muslim students but optional for others) ,Arabic Language (optional) ,Chinese language (optional) ,and Tamil language (optional)

Form 5 students would then be required to take the SPM exam which is like the final examination which would be your determining factor to be able to enter universities or colleges of their choice.

These students followed these steps into varsities and they are like programmed to follow what we have determined for them. We are evaluating them on cognitive side that we present them.

Friday, March 21, 2008

arouse students interest to write


little children hve great imaganation... I like to see their creativity..this is what i did in my art class, i dont want them to just draw something, I want them to write about i gave the topic "Magic Pet"... In their English class n sciences class they hav learnt about animals, the body parts of animal n also how to build sentences n description... so i asked them o imagine that they hav a magic pet.. a pet that nobody has seen.. I asked them to combine 2 or 3 animals together.. Ohhh how very creative they were... then I asked them to labels the bodyparts.. for homework, I asked them to write about their magic pets... I gave them freedom on how many sentences they want to write ohh n wat a shock that they all write atleast ten sentences...hmmm i was surprise that my year 3 students can write such dfficult sentences.. n hav to remember that these students are living in rural area..
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