Monday, June 30, 2008


dua orang kanak-kanak ni sanggup datang dari kuala ke manjung waktu malam untuk jamming je? gile....
diorang ni sayang sgt kat didi..mcm gay..hahahaa...
dh la naik moto dekat 1 jam 45minit.....malam plak tu..t
anjung rambutan betoi diorg ni..hahahah...
tp bagus...semangat tu..

e*j* mane!!!! hmm..

woi..didi nanges..hahaha

Sunday, June 29, 2008

teach me to live...

When I was young I was complicated,
ignorance gasp upon my heart,
I wanted everything a grown up have,
my eyes look upon things on the surface,
beauty was only a mirage,
a reflection of what I wanted to see.

Experience teaches,
teaches me to take things slow,
enjoy the scenery,
enjoy life,
learn from mistakes,
listen to the whisper of the wind,

to listen I have to be quiet,
i was loud and i was deaf,
I was blinded by colours around me,
mesmerized by them without knowing the meaning behind.

now in this wretched time,
everything become clear,
how beauty should be look,
how advice should be listen,
how patient is a virtue,
all inside this tiny box of life,
waiting for love to carry me thorough my life,
for eternity.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the dark is rising

I try the colour white,
eyes everywhere feel sooth,
Mouths whisper of how gorgeous i look,
in the mirror..i could see how wrong the colour with me..
I am pitch black..
that is my colour...
I fake myself with white but the heart knows the truth...
I am dark...
dark as night with out moon..
This piece of cloth on my skin..
is getting pale...
its going to reveal me the whole me...
When that time comes...
I'll be running...
into the sea of sadness..
let her swallow me..I'll be in the depth..
all alone again..

*The picture of the doves were taken from yahoo search must belong to some1...but I don't remember that some1...sorry i did not gives any credits to you...if I know who you are then i will...
**found the web site..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


aku snap pics bangang sket arini...

-syiling aku yang x penah mengunung-

-jam ni perhiasan je,xpenah bangun awal pun-


-ini bukan tempat mengundi-

-bateri x berganti pun dua bulan-

-jam memang jarang di lihat-

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

photo collection : part 5

location : ipoh
camera : canon EOS 400D
snap by : germorquekushu
date : 15/06/08










-ipoh : toyota kuat-

-ipoh's cahrkuehtiaw-

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk....I think its a great movie...I never like d 1st version but dis 1 is a succeess...i said this only on my own point of view..i donno about u..i heard dat some people didn't like dis 1...hmmm mayB if u only wanted actions frm d beginning till d end without d romance n without d journey then u'll feel like me it is just perfect for a hulk movie...if u only wanna c fighting action u better watch WWE(wrestling)but even WWE hav some drama...oh yes if u wanna see d actor who played hulk in the original hulk its the guard dat david banner bribe wit pizza to go to the university computer lab....dis movie its like they try to erase d flop dey make wit d 1st 1...its like a no it is a remake....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

photo collection : part 4

lame xupdate. keje banyak,celebrate besday member,projek,jamban umah runtuh..hish..macam-macam...
tgk dulu pic-pic kat bawah ni dulu..


-me n dudud(bro in law..hahaha)-


-kereta lama orang lama-

-kereta lama-

-apa usha2! mau gado!! ikan ada?!!-

-lee kecik(ladybird bkn spiderman)-


-my cousin-

-m = morque-



Geli mat!!! mat! mat! mat! mat!

Ohhh my god!!! wat a funny video...its funny bcoz of the subtitle...U hav to watch it and read the subtitle...whoever put dat subtitle is a genius...I salute U!!!!

Hahahhahah this is Y pple like me who dnt speak Tamil's smtime laugh when heard d"speakers" talk...we interpret everytg to d words dat we r familiar wit n it become hilarious.......

P/S : U need to STOP the fm radio on ur upper right to hear it right n just listen n read d subtitle...


Ada seorang lelaki tua yang memiliki hobi memelihara banyak burung.
Pada suatu pagi, semua burung kesayangannya hilang.
Merasa aksi pencuri sudah keterlaluan, si lelaki tua membawa masalah
itu dalam pertemuan mingguan di kampungnya.

Lelaki tua: "Siapa di sini yang punya burung?"
Seluruh penduduk laki-laki segera berdiri.

Menyadari kesalahannya dalam bertanya, lelaki itu menambah:

"Bukan itu maksud saya. Maksud saya adalah siapa yang pernah lihat
Seluruh penduduk wanita pun berdiri.

Menyadari pertanyaannya masih tidak tepat, dengan muka merah padam dia
menyambung, "Maaf, bukan itu maksud saya."

Sekali lagi dia bertanya.

"Maksud saya, siapa di antara kalian yang pernah lihat burung yang
bukan milik sendiri?"
Separuh penduduk wanita berdiri.

Muka lelaki tua itu makin merah. Ia makin gugup.

"Maaf sekali lagi, bukan ke arah itu pertanyaan saya. Maksud saya
adalah, siapa yang pernah lihat burung saya?"
Lalu… Isteri lelaki itu pun pun berdiri… dan dua orang wanita lain…

Maka kali ini muka sang isteri merah padam.

Lelaki itu pun terpaksa melarikan diri…

Menyesal dia bertanya…..hua. ..ha..ha


These are the movies that I watched with my friends. Some of us think that all of them are great and some beg to differ. I really like to know your opinions about them. Please leaves comments of your thought in the comment section..
Superhero movieNarnia : Prince Caspian
Iron man
Indiana Jones : Kingdom Of the Crystal Skull
**pictures taken from
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