Saturday, September 20, 2008

Issue 1 : Stolen Identity...(part 4)

After half an hour from that called, I receive another call, its from Panda. he told me that there was a man looking for me at the college. That man roamed around college asking bout me. That man looked serious. He asked me if I ran into trouble with anyone. I said no. I was in deep shit. I know that man must be Majin-Boo's husband.

My arrival to college the next day was greeted by Shrek. He said he needed to talk to me about something. I need to talk to him about something too. He told me that yesterday , Majin-Boo's husband came with a gun looking for him(actually looking for me as he uses my name).

I was scared. What if I didn't went home?..what if he found me and shoot me on the head?. I was furious with Shrek as all this trouble came from him. I felt like breaking his nose. this drama must stop. I want my life back to normal. I asked him to clean the messed he put all of us in. he said he will. I gave him another chance to correct everything.

At school that day I was quiet. Majin-Boo was quiet. Rasila was quiet. silent..........its hard to talk without getting mad at her. Rasila was mad too. I smoke like a dragon that day.

~to be continued.
p/s-I have to many unfinished work.I write this to release the m on my way to finish my real work.stress free..stress free yeay..!!


Anonymous said...

tumpang tanye...bile mau habes cite majin boo nih?agok2 smpei episod bape neh?ade pnjang cam drama korea tak?lepeh abeh cite majin boo nih buat ler cite laen pulok..cite debab ke domok ke..msti 5 juta org bce..wahahahaaa

Anonymous said...

ohhh ade le dlm 290 episod je....sabo2....ehehehehehehe...mike tulih le cite debab...nanti awok publishkan huhuhuhuhuh......

Anonymous said...

kalo mike n0k soh awok tulih cite debab aw0k ase bek awok tulih cite pasei domokkkkk..lg byok idea awok nok nulihnye...wahahhahhaaaa..

LurvelyLynn said...

pecah perut aku gelak!

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