Saturday, April 5, 2008

In search of love

love,love,, I'm
looking for love,passion, love of
doing something,doing something
that I love, I want to love my job,
love my routine,love my life, love
everything about this life, love
everything around me, so my
life would not be this hollow,
would not be this lonely,
it will be filled with
laughter, smile
and joy.and
**** ohhh sorry i donno where i got the pic.....but i love this pic...


Anonymous said...

nk looking2 ape lg?
ade dpan mate...tak nmpak lg...

Darkheart said...

rabun kot....

Anonymous said...

oooo patut ler..silap ak gak..g present shade gelap wat pe..patut bg sepek zaman dolu2 yg kanta beso tuh..terang mase dpan klu nengok..lallalaalalla


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