Thursday, April 30, 2009

a heck of a morning...

I'm in Seri Iskandar right now. At a mamak restaurant listening to mp3 and surfing via the phone.

What the heck I'm doing here so early?
Why am I not at school?

I have an exam today.. I woke up late and rushed to Uitm. I dont bring any book. Heck! I tought I wont make it in time.

To my surprise...the exam is at 2pm and I'm here at 8.50am. I should check the schedule!! Now I got to spend 5 hours doing absolutely nothing worth it. If I have books then I could atleast be lost in it.

Oh my... I'm dead bored.
Lucky that the phone is more than a phone. This is one of the time where I admire technology...


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