Tuesday, January 13, 2009

one more time.... I say what I mean but I dont mean what I said...

The BLOG...this is my escape from the reality. I might say something that I would never say in the real world. I can say whatever I want in here. Some of the things that I say here are not what I really meant to say. When I am angry,sad,lonely and happy I might say something here that are not my courteous way of speech in the real world.

I don't like it when some people copy and then paste it on my friendster. This is my alter ego. Don't mix them with reality, the world that I live on. Now I understand why some blogger don't like it when their friends or relatives found out about their blogs. I feel like shifting to new blog but I don't want to loose the friends that I made in this blog sphere.

The world could be so mean sometimes and here I am escaping from it. Let me be free here, don't cage my words of expectant. This is where I can do whatever I want to.

Darkheart...I choose that name for the sole purpose. Its the dark side of my heart that is speaking in here. and for your information, I don't look dark as evil. Dark in my own interpretation in here is somewhere where it is cold,alone and place of solitary. Let me roam around this dark. I can cry,laugh,scream, get naked or anything I want in the dark. If you beam your torch at me I'll run. I don't want the lights feast on my dark heart...It ruins everything.


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