Monday, January 12, 2009

leave the past, be carefull of the present and look into the future

Don't tell your past to people..just take care on your steps now..plan for every big leaps that you have to take and you'll be fine..hmm that what I should do..I was too stupid that I told the past that I'm not proud off to a person I called friend..and now I'm regeretting every cents of it..he used it againts me from time to time..try to bring me down to the pitt..kick me off my nest..what a fool I am..maybe I should fly and join other is not fun to fly with this flock anymore..I can't spread my wings felt heavy..What the use of these wings if I can't use it..


LurvelyLynn said...

"Don't tell your past to people"...
thanks for ur advice :)

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