Tuesday, February 2, 2010

scrap journal....1

Its only February and I already feel like I need a vacation.

I have not been very active in blogging lately. I did post up a thing or two but I didn't had the time to visit other blogs. I missed my blogger friends.

I been busy lately.
Busy with school's stuffs. This is the 1st year I am in SK school and everything is still fine until this point. The atmosphere in the new school is difference from the previous but I can still adapt to it.

I am a chameleon. I can shift my colours according to the surrounding.

This year, I only teach standard 1 and 2. I'm so happy about it. only 2 classes of standard 2 classes and 1 standard 1 class. I taught from year 1 to year 6 for five years straight before and now I feel heaven.


The first day I set my feet in this school was last December...I met the headmaster and the clerk. everything was fine. On the second time I was there, I met the Senior assistant and cursed all day after that. He was arrogant and sounded like a bully. Oh oh but I didn't just left the scene just like that. I did shot him in the head with a pump gun. haha.... not literally.... He said something arrogant and I gave him his own medicine back.....that's all....


Oh oh I still have work to do....I want to write longer but I just cant waste time.


arekymz membuyau said...

best nye jadi cekguu..

leh rotan2..


Silverleaf said...

haha...xle akim...rotan tu jalan terakhir je....budak kecik sume kiut je....xsampei ati pun nak rotan....

fitriah said...

good morning ticer ;)

Jiyuu said...

I miss my blogger friend, too! =)

azalea said...

bz nye cekgu.. =)

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Anonymous said...

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