Wednesday, February 10, 2010

journal again.....

It's a boring life. I don't get exited over anything anymore. I thought this is the life I was meant to live but I was wrong. This mask I put on is too thick that I don't feel anything anymore. There are people around me that regards me as friend but I just don't know what is friendship anymore. I am and empty shell. There is no one behind this mask. It is just a thick mask. A mask that has nothing to hide. A mask that that is only a mask.


arekymz membuyau said...

nape tetibe je?
kadang2 ade gak rase cam idop bosan..
tp nnt2 akn ade something yg menggembirakan..
cheer la bro..

yattt said...

cepat la cari bini. tak la boring.

Just_najmiE said...

break the mask, throw it away..

DH said...

Its just a phase Silverleaf..
Trust me..
It never will be just a mask..
I assuming that ur broken make u felt this way?

Jiyuu said...

I've come to the conclusion that in life, everyone wears masks. My solution: change the mask you wear. Care to try on a happy one? *Jiyuu puts on friendship mask* =)

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