Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nothing much to tell....

My biggest weakness is the ability to remember the route and places I been. I always got lost no matter anywhere. I remembered I was lost in Komtar. Its not that big of place but I can't find the way out for a long time until I bumped to someone I knew and followed her out. Yup.. even in small place like komtar. I lived in Penang for three years before and I still get lost till now. I did my internship in SK Wellesly for three months and after the three months I got to take something from the school...guess what?...I don't know the way.......don't need to talk about Penang. I got lost in Ipoh so many times too. The only way I know is to go to Jusco. Imagined that...I been to Ipoh hundreds of time and I still can't remember the route. So, its really rare for me to go somewhere far alone.

This might be the complication from too much sleep....sleeping is one of my hobbies.


sHaH said...

sleeping is not the cause.
i slept a lot but still can remember things and places.
(i'm in the sate of denial rite now, what happened to u happened to me.. hehehe...)

Silverleaf said...

Shah : hahaa...oh my.....I'm sorry but I felt relieved to find out some1 else has the same I know I dnt have brain damage or some sort...hihi

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