Monday, February 16, 2009

If you ask me what I think of'll be sad.
I think you are delusional. You think people talk about you in your back.
I got news for you my dear pathetic friend.
We don't care that much bout you.

I used to pity you.
That was my biggest mistake ever.
I should just let you be.
Maybe you were happier that way.

Now you are getting on my nerves.
If you want to bad mouth me,
don't do it in this park.

I been here longer than you.
even the trees know me.

Hmm I'll do you a favor.
I hope you'll be happy with it.
I'll let you reign in this park.
let me go find new place.

You can build a circus now.
you can recruit clowns,
fire-eater, singing dogs,
and all those that can entertain you...

Good luck..
or should I say 'Good riddance'


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