Friday, January 8, 2010

just an update....nothing to read about.....

at home in front the laptop.
got work to do but I'm feeling lazy now.
I want to update the blog but still no ideas.
Hmmmm a lot to tell but don't know how to tell them.
I stop now.
I want to watch Confession Of a Shopaholic.
I think I am the male version of a shopaholic.
I need to take control of my self.
Oh but I don't shop like the girl in that movie.
I wasted money on other things.
More to gadgets and other men stuffs....
Ohhhhh I thought of writing a very short post.
Its longer than the short version I imgined so I have to stop..
bye bye....see you again............


fitriah said...

haha i am a big spender too!

and i hate it!

nina syakina said...

nice blog... huhu =p

Silverleaf said...

huhuhu but when we shop, we just cant hold it huuhhuuh

Silverleaf said...

its just a plain blog, tq for stopping by....

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