Monday, May 11, 2009

A thought before my eyes are close for the night

I'm dead bored of this life....I'd been this way for so long...there were times where I thought of suicide but I know how stupid it is and I never tried it. The life I'm going through is fake...I am fake...this is not the life I want to live in. That does not mean that the life I'm going through now is wrong. The life that I want is totally wrong and hell is the end. I am trying my best for heaven and with what I have now it is never enough for heaven. All I could do is to pray everyday for forgiveness from god and mercy for me to taste heaven. I need to do more deeds and be kinder to people around me. I want heaven yes I want it. Heaven is eternity and the life we're going through now is only temporary. I'll rather suffer for awhile in this earth than to be condemn forever in hell. I will endure all the pain now. I'll pray and pray without stop that the challenges in this temporary earth are not hard.


Fadhlah said...

cantik blog nie..bila tukar layout nie?

Akbalanas A.K. said...

thanks...hmmm lame ni aku tulis mase mood xbaik je hehe......

Sir Matno said...


at least, you still have the conscience.. some people have totally lost it. thank yourself for still being rationale.

it is ok to feel down or wry or whatever you name it,
but most importantly, we must know how to get back to the path.

i know you know it.

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