Sunday, June 29, 2008

teach me to live...

When I was young I was complicated,
ignorance gasp upon my heart,
I wanted everything a grown up have,
my eyes look upon things on the surface,
beauty was only a mirage,
a reflection of what I wanted to see.

Experience teaches,
teaches me to take things slow,
enjoy the scenery,
enjoy life,
learn from mistakes,
listen to the whisper of the wind,

to listen I have to be quiet,
i was loud and i was deaf,
I was blinded by colours around me,
mesmerized by them without knowing the meaning behind.

now in this wretched time,
everything become clear,
how beauty should be look,
how advice should be listen,
how patient is a virtue,
all inside this tiny box of life,
waiting for love to carry me thorough my life,
for eternity.


Anonymous said...

inilah puisi plg touching abad ini...tahhniah kpd pnulis yg mnulis dgn pnuh shahdu shahdan skali...kmbang kincup idung nak memahami...

Anonymous said...

wahhh, kalah a samad said, hahaha..
well, life isn't fair. it's just fairer than death, that's all..

-man lonjong-

Anonymous said...

knp tibe2......msti tgh mnghayati filem terbaru kabir bahtia (sory kalo slh eje) yg terbaru tajuk sepi...

Darkheart said...

wahahaha bajet berseni.....huhuhu tin kosong yg diwarnai je aku ni...

Anonymous said...

tin kosong pun ak suke je!!!1


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