Thursday, March 27, 2008

kat kopitiam

last wednesday I went for a course at Bukit Merah... I went wit a fren from d same school..we had our breakfast at dis club house..wat a surprise dat a meal cost 10bucks..hehehe but lucky it was his treats..ohh but this pic is not taken there..dis is at my own hometown at kat kopitiam...welll i didn't planned to eat there it was because of d rain...i was at &e to buy Mol Poits for a frens...i donno wat it is .sme sort of like points to play games rained just right after m walking out d 7e i waited at dis kopitiam awhile...was famished coz i havnt eaten b4 i went out..was rushing to d kwsp office to do my eh wat m i writing..hoho no talent 4 writing...but i'll try n try...i like to write but it's just dat m not good at it...ahahhahah melalut...


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