Friday, March 21, 2008

arouse students interest to write


little children hve great imaganation... I like to see their creativity..this is what i did in my art class, i dont want them to just draw something, I want them to write about i gave the topic "Magic Pet"... In their English class n sciences class they hav learnt about animals, the body parts of animal n also how to build sentences n description... so i asked them o imagine that they hav a magic pet.. a pet that nobody has seen.. I asked them to combine 2 or 3 animals together.. Ohhh how very creative they were... then I asked them to labels the bodyparts.. for homework, I asked them to write about their magic pets... I gave them freedom on how many sentences they want to write ohh n wat a shock that they all write atleast ten sentences...hmmm i was surprise that my year 3 students can write such dfficult sentences.. n hav to remember that these students are living in rural area..


Darkheart said...

ikan badok hahahaha syihan msti suke ilan ni....

Anonymous said...

msti kakak ngn abg or jiran diorg yg tolong bg idea

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, it is an interesting question, I will take part in discussion.

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