Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just the same me.

Years ago I said I want to change.
Yet I am still the same.

I forgot every wishes and resolution when luck is by my side. Now that luck has runs out, bad things fall upon me like rain after a long hot dry drought.

No where to run anymore. Have to face them head on. Like a charging hornless bull. It is going to hurt badly. Very badly. It is the consequences I have to take. I cannot blame it on others even if I wanted to.


Jiyuu said...

Sometimes, I find that the most noticeable change happens when you don't notice it. When you go with the flow, so easily, not rebelling against yourself, and then one day you realize, "Oh, I'm a different person now." Sometimes.

Other times, you have to force yourself. "I will NOT be like this anymore!" you tell yourself day, after day. Change comes slowly, difficultly. You wonder how you ever became so obstinate. I have these inner battles too. The only advice I can give you, friend, is focus on the small victories. Those small victories will eventually lead to winning your war.

Silverleaf said...

The best advice I ever heard through the year...Jiyuu, tq, U always have the right words for everything....

Jiyuu said...

No problem, dude. The one good thing about having walked through shit is that you can warn others to watch where they step.

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