Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The black mist blocked my view.

Its been more than a year in this  new work place and I still don't feel the bond with this place. I was hoping for a new beginning when I posted to this new place. A new and better story in my life where I can be proud off. The first chapter of this book started negatively. The first page was written with negatives thoughts and bad experienced. The second chapter was not better than the first and the third continuously to the twelve was increasingly in negative ways. Now the 16th chapter and I wonder how this would end. I got all the plan to a better life but the future is cloudy. I can't predict anything. I have to stand up for my rights but in order to do that I need to buff up so that I can defend myself from any attack. The conclusion is that to change the world I need to change myself first. 


arekymz mukmeen said...

yesterday history today mystery tomorrow gift.
betol ke?

Silverleaf said...

Nice...cantek gak peribahasa tuh...

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