Friday, December 3, 2010

philophobic n gamophobic???

A friend posted on her facebook wall " am I philophobic n gamophobic???....I searched for the meaning using uncle Google....found the meaning in the urban dictionary....

"philophobic = philophobia n (Greek philia, love + phobia, fear) - a persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of love and intimacy, of deep relationship with smbd. "

"gamophobic = to have an irrational fear of marriage
'he couldn't marry her,because he was severly gamophobic"

Hey..!! I think I have the phobics too.... Since the last post till now, I met four fantastic ladies( not in the same time). I like them but when things got almost serious, I ran... I was afraid if things got too serious that they wanted to settle down. I was not ready and still not ready.

The idea of marriage scared me. The responsible that a man carries as a husband is too big. I'm just not ready to carry that burden on my shoulder yet. I like the way I am now. Free. Free to do anything I like....but,,...sometimes it does get lonely....but to think of the responsible Ohhhh I rather feel lonely for a while.... I have few friends who had trouble in the marriage. one of them is divorced now and the trouble still stick with him. He got to go to court for the feud in taking care of his child....Ohhh these are all reasons just stupid reasons for me to avoid marriage but...sincerely I don't feel like ending my bachelor life yet....

Ohhh i don't feel like writing anymore...... better stop now before I shit more craps here....haha


Qarl said...

hencek still mengajar kat tamil school?

lama dh xupdate kan.

a little less conversation said...

bila ckp psl kawen..skang pn mmbe2 ak da tnye bila mau kawen..x kira la chat dlm pesbuk tau lepak ramai2..hahaha

AdiE said...

nice craps dude..enjoyed reading it..

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Silverleaf said...

Qarl, xdah, skg dkt sk dah...almost a year now....

Silverleaf said...

a lil less cnvstn..,hahahahha same here, xlalu nk menjawab...xkire umur, mesti tanye,


Luqman Al- Hakim Bin Foaad said...

kawen la cpt2.
leh mkn nasi minyak.
moge2 abg silverleaf bertemu jodoh lebih cepat.

Jiyuu said...

I feel you, bro. Welcome to (apekebendenye)-phobics not-so-anonymous.

syitah said...

woh lamanyeee xlawat blog neh ;p
bab kahwin eh?

dulu ade sorg kawan ni takut pada responsibilities sbg guru. berat katanya. tapi jadi guru yg hebat gak. skrng jadi suami dan bapa yg hebat juga.. cuba teka sape?

benda kita xtau mmg merisaukan. kalau takut sakit, tak hidup la kita :)

usaha, ilmu, tawakal.
(mcam cogan kata sekolah kan? haha)

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